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Everyone's invited to apply to host LA River X. "taking over" the Instagram account for a few days or a week. Your takeover can be small  (a mini-length takeover = roughly 7-10 posts over a few days) or larger (15-30 posts over a week). You prepare the materials in advance, upload them to a folder we make for you on Google Drive, and we do the rest. You can submit in English or Spanish, and the translation team will make it bilingual.

Read more about joining the LA River X Alumni family. 

Explore the Archive!

We've joined forces with the Western Water Archives at The Claremont Colleges Library  to invite every LA River X Guest Host to have their takeover preserved in the archival vaults of the Western Water Archives for all the world to see. 

Browse the Archives by looking up a particular guest host alum in our Guest Host Directory.

See all the LA River X materials that are in the Archives.

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